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Tired of worn, old floors? Refresh your home with professional floor sanding from FlooringPro Auckland. Our experienced team will restore the natural beauty of your wood floors with specialized sanding, repairing damage and imperfections to reveal a like-new surface. Contact us today for a free quote on giving your floors a makeover.
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Kiwis expect great wood floors to make their homes look and feel truly comfortable. But keeping them in top condition can be a hassle, especially if you are DIY-minded. We’re all too aware that the cost of maintaining wooden floors is often unappealing. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

It’s time you let someone else take care of your floors, freeing up your time and energy for more important things! At FlooringPRO, we offer a full suite of services for wood floor restoration including sanding and polishing.

Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible wood floor restoration services. We are dedicated to ensuring that every step of your restoration is high in quality and professionalism. We are highly experienced and trained professional wooden floor restorers who understand the value of maintaining the natural beauty of your floors with specialized care. We are passionate about helping homeowners achieve the best end result from their flooring restoration projects.

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Why Floor Sanding and Polishing is Important?

All hardwood floors will suffer scratches over time, but they are capable of lasting for decades with care and maintenance. Re-sanding will remove the thinnest top layer of wood from the surface, effectively giving your floor surface a fresh original appearance. After sanding and resealing the bare wood is ready for a new coat of polishing.
Sanding gets rid of every imperfection.
Sanding prepares wood floor surfaces for finishing.
Sanding is necessary before staining.
Sanding can occur more than once.

Make Your Floor Look Brand New

A floor's condition can greatly affect its appearance. If you want your floors to stay beautiful, consider sanding and polishing them every 10-15 years to keep up with their natural evolution in shape!

A little maintenance goes a long way toward preserving these gorgeous surfaces for many more years - don't forget about it when caring for wooden floors today so that tomorrow may be just as lovely.

Our Floor Sanding Process

At FlooringPro Auckland, we know that no two floors are the same. Our experienced team customises the sanding process for your unique floor, carefully considering the floor type, condition, and previous installation. We take the time to understand your goals, whether that's a light sanding or more extensive work, and deliver a professional finish that meets your needs. With years of expertise under our belts, we can properly restore the natural beauty of your floors without oversanding or overspending. 

1. Preparation

Preparations include removing any items that might damage the machinery, such as nails and tacks. Any pins and staples will be removed from any surface before the floor is sanded. The reason for this is that these objects could damage equipment during the sanding process. For example, a nail punch machine will punch nails automatically or by hand, depending on what type was used in the previous installation.

2. Floor Sanding

To begin balancing any differences between boards, we the floor with 40 grit. A variety of sandpapers of different grits are used on the floor multiple times, based on our flooring specialist's recommendations. Sanding begins with grit 40, then 80 grits, then the medium range. With 120 grit sandpaper, we complete the final sanding. The final stage of sanding the floor includes sanding the corners and edges. Following filler application, the floor is given time to settle and dry after minor cracks and holes are filled. It is then finely sanded and prepared for coating with a disc.

3. Floor Coating

Polyurethane based on oil was commonly used in the early days. Water-based polyurethane has become much safer and more durable as a result of recent development. Water-based polyurethanes contain fewer VOCs than petroleum-based polyurethanes. They are also eco-friendly and do not release toxic fumes. In comparison with oil-based polyurethanes, water-based polyurethanes dry much faster, completely drying in less than 24 hours; therefore, water-based polyurethanes are the coating of choice for our company.

Why Choose FlooringPRO Auckland?

Our process begins when we evaluate the project through an initial assessment in order to determine clear quotes and timelines ahead of schedule. Once your inquiry has been received by us, it will be followed up promptly with both email correspondence as well as phone contact from one of our professional staff members who is knowledgeable about all aspects involved in floor sanding services which should last three days on average but vary according any given situation or job size requested - we'll always make sure that you know how things are going throughout the duration so that there's no surprises later!
Our company is one of the best at providing floor sanding services across Auckland.
We offer reasonable pricing packages and our rates are competitive.
We provide a variety of packages. Depending on your area, you may be able to customize the package.
During the process, we offer special assistance. We have experts on hand to consult with you. They will examine your area and give an estimate based on that.
We offer transparent pricing, and we don't add any hidden fees after the project is completed.
Time and privacy are important to us, so we won't drag out work unnecessarily. We do everything within a reasonable timeframe.

Talk to a Flooring Specialist at FlooringPRO!

We believe that every wooden floor is unique. We treat each and every one of them with care and the greatest interest ever. Our goal is to build a professional relationship with you, our valued customer, so we can ensure your wooden floors look flawless for years to come. Our staff are highly trained professionals who are passionate about what they do. They are equipped with the latest tools and equipment which help them strive to give you the best.

For a free consultation or quote, give us a call now at 0800450400 and one of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly.

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