Concrete Grinding and Coating Service in Auckland

Introducing the Concrete Grinding and Coating Service from FlooringPro. Using our skilled specialists and sophisticated equipment, turn your old, stained concrete into a smooth, polished work of art.
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Auckland's Leading Concrete Grinding and Polishing Service

With years of experience providing top-quality grinding, polishing and coatings for properties across Auckland, we understand exactly how to revitalize tired concrete floors. Our skilled specialists use the latest professional machinery paired with quality techniques and products to restore cracked, uneven surfaces, smoothing away blemishes and exposing the true beauty that lies beneath the surface of your existing concrete.

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Benefits of Our Concrete Grinding & Polishing Services:

Smooth, High-Gloss Polished Finish: Our multi-step process exposes and polishes the aggregate in concrete, resulting in a dazzling, mirrored shine that is sure to impress!

Even Surface with No Tripping Hazards: Low spots, cracks, and pits are expertly ground away, creating a safely smooth and seamless surface with excellent traction.

Enhanced Visual Appeal and Value: Our polished concrete finishes create an attractive, modern look for your floors and boost the aesthetics and value of your home or business.

Extreme Durability and Easy Maintenance: Properly polished concrete is highly durable and scratch resistant, while also being quick and easy to clean and maintain long-term.

The Perfect Foundation for Other Flooring: Our polished concrete creates a strong base that other flooring solutions can easily be installed over using adhesives as your needs change.

Customizable Floor Coating Solutions

Don’t settle for basic concrete! We offer exotic and creative floor coating solutions that build on our polished concrete to customise the appearance of your floors even further:

Epoxy Coatings:

  • Available in a limitless range of colours and advanced effects like metallic, speckles, quartz, and more
  • It adds extra shine while sealing and protecting floors from spills, stains and wear

Polyurethane Coatings:

  • Enhance stain protection and durability
  • Provide a clear finish to showcase the look of the concrete
  • Fast drying times to minimise downtime

Before And After Of Concrete Grinding And Coating

A One-Stop Solution for all Your Concrete Flooring Needs

Don’t waste time coordinating with multiple vendors for your concrete flooring needs. Flooring Pro provides a wide range of flooring solutions including:

  • Concrete Grinding, Polishing and Coatings
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings and Protective Sealants
  • Moisture Barrier Systems for New Concrete
  • Floor Joint Fillers and Crack Repair Solutions
  • Concrete Staining, Scoring, and Overlays
  • Removal of Old Floor Coverings

With seasoned professionals providing end-to-end project management under one roof, we make the process hassle-free while delivering standout results that significantly improve the form and function of your existing (or new) concrete foundation.

The Flooring Pro Difference: Exceptional Results You Can Trust

When it comes to your concrete floors, don't settle for mediocre results from amateurs and pop-up contractors. Flooring Pro offers an optimal combination of expertise, quality machinery, advanced techniques, and guaranteed workmanship – a valuable difference you’ll clearly see in the exceptional and lasting transformation of your floors.

Contact us for a free quote and let us prove why we are the top choice for concrete floor grinding, coatings, and repairs in Auckland and surrounding areas. We proudly offer residential and commercial customers.

Let our concrete flooring specialists help you unlock the full potential of your concrete foundations. Call or click today to transform your worn floors from drab to stunning with Flooring Pro!

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